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Dog Kennels in Montreal, (QC), Canada

You have to leave your pet for a few days and you want to leave him in reliable hands. Don't worry, we will provide a service which will enable you to locate the best dog kennels in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Use our unique online guide and find a perfect canadian dog kennel which will provide the best service for your pet. You can read through our vast list and learn everything you need to know and that way chose a service according to your pet's needs. Don't wander around, visit this canadian online platform and read through the authentic reviews for Montreal, Quebec. Learn all about their fees, services and activities. We assure you that you'll find the best boarding kennel in Canada for your beloved pet quickly!

26 Dog Kennels in Montreal, QC
My Pet's Best Friend
  • Montreal, Montreal, Quebec
  • Phone: +1 514-817-3228

1 review

  • 5565, boulevard Decarie, Beaconsfield, Quebec
  • Phone: +1 514-737-2754
  • QC H4C 2P7, Beaconsfield,
  • Phone: +1 514-885-5122

  • 4204, boulevard Decarie, Beaconsfield, Quebec
  • Phone: +1 514-488-7733

Sassy Massage
  • 5486, Chemin de la Cote-Saint-Luc, Beloeil, Quebec
  • Phone: +1 514-485-1222

Wang Alce
  • 5100, Rue de la Savane, Beaconsfield, Quebec
  • Phone: +1 514-738-9669